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GSA: growing in the community

Former student Lance Rodman and former teacher Patti Harrold.

Former student Lance Rodman and former teacher Patti Harrold.

Emily Singleton

Emily Singleton

Former student Lance Rodman and former teacher Patti Harrold.

Elaina Kennedy, Memorial Staff Writer

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Gay-Straight Alliance has flourished since 2015 when founded by student Milan Maselli, and was formed to be an inclusive environment for any and all students.

“This club was started to provide a safe space for all kids not just those who are gay and lesbian,” sponsor Christine Custred said.

Thanks to a growing acceptance for the LGBTQ+ community within Edmond Memorial, GSA’s population has grown. The club went from 20 previous members to 150 on the roster sheet from club sign up day. Normally the club would meet in the sponsor’s classroom, but since there are so many members, they have to meet in the lecture hall.

“I would love to see our growth continue in the future, and for more people to know and feel like regardless of who they are or who they love, they are more than welcome” senior president Lauren Jolley said.

Along with the increase of members in the club, the members have been more active in the community. On Sun. Sept. 14, eight GSA members volunteered at No Hate campaign in Tulsa, Okla. waited to hear the fate of marriage equality. At the campaign, members worked in the merchandise booth and the face-painting booth.

“It was a great and educational experience and made me appreciate the gay community in Oklahoma,” senior secretary and public image manager Jonathan Curtis said.

Last year, members volunteered at Sunny’s Diner to make Thanksgiving meals for people who could not afford it. As a club, they raised money for Swine Week by selling Piggy Pastries. This year the club is going to have guest speakers, former teacher Patti Harrold and Lance Rodman who is a former student of Mrs. Custred.

“We have become more active and have had lots of new people join,” senior vice president Megan Armstrong said.

If students want to join this ever-growing club, the club meets most Thursdays during tutorial in the lecture hall.

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GSA: growing in the community