No love for north tennis


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New fields demolish others.

Chloe Golightly, North Staff Writer

Recently, Edmond Public Schools(EPS) made the decision to tear down North’s tennis courts and build a football stadium, causing all tennis players to have to carpool to Kickingbird for practice every day.

EPS approved a $2.5 million dollar deal to purchase 23 acres of land on the corner of Kelly Avenue and 15th street to build a joint tennis center with North, Memorial and Santa Fe. This center could contain up to 10 indoor tennis courts and 24 outdoor courts, as well as having a locker room and food facilities.

Many asked why North would tear down the tennis courts that brought the tennis team multiple State and Regional championships, though there still is not an answer.

Though this may be a good investment for years to come, the actual building won’t start for a while, which leaves the tennis team with no home courts, having to travel every day to play tennis.

Driving to Kickingbird every day makes practices start later and get out later than past years. Also, many tennis players do not drive and have to find a ride to the tennis center. Many upperclassmen have stepped in and offered rides to the center every day, for which parents and coaches are very grateful.

There is a lot of traffic on the way to Kickingbird as well; drivers have to go through two school zones including Sequoyah and North. This makes some athletes late to practice, and causes them to hurry to make it to warm-up.

Though the tennis center may be a good idea for tennis players in the future, athletes who play for North in the 2017 and 2018 years are stuck driving to a tennis center that is not home, and has practices of its own, making some of the tennis courts unavailable. North tennis athletes persevere through this hard time, though, and plan on having an even stronger season than last year.