Stranger things theories abound

New characters in the upcoming season

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New characters in the upcoming season

Addie Detrich, North Staff Writer

With Halloween fast approaching, many people have been anticipating season two of the Netflix original ‘Stranger Things.’ Since the announcement of its release, people on Twitter and Instagram have been crazing over new characters and plotlines.

In season one, the audience was introduced to Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Will. After the disappearance of Will, the boys go searching for him and discover Eleven, a girl with unknown powers. After befriending her, they try to keep her safe from the government who experiments on the powers. Throughout the show, the characters come closer and closer to finding the truth about Will. In the end, Will is reunited with his family but there is a cliff hanger when Will seems to have turned evil.

It is interesting to ponder the many theories presented for season two. The Duffer Brothers released a trailer earlier this year where the outline of a gargantuan thessalhydra, or an eight-headed monster, was seen behind dusky red clouds. Perhaps it is the perceived ruler of the Upside Down; something that controls the creepy powers harnessed in the alternate world. Nobody will know until the release date, but it is fun to fantasize.

Some intriguing fan theories relate to the Upside Down. Extra creative fans say the Upside Down is merely a figment of Elevens imagination, created by her mysterious powers. Others say the Upside Down is the future of what the world will become. As some know, the experiments performed in the laboratory are for the cause of the Cold War, a weapon against the Soviets. Maybe the world will become desolate and dark, patrolled by enemies.

A favorite theory is that Hopper’s daughter, Sarah, who died in a flashback last season, is actually a psychic like Eleven. In the flashback, Sarah passed out and died from an obscure disease. This is similar to what happens to Eleven when she uses too much power.

While nobody knows for sure what will happen, the Duffer Brothers have been very mysterious about the happenings of the next chapter to the story. Tune in on Oct 27 to see what happens!

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