Santa Fe’s blanket dress code


Student snuggles up in a cozy Mickey Mouse blanket

Nuna Bensaoud, Santa Fe Staff Writer

Santa Fe’s “blanket dress code” has been critiqued by students within the halls, disembodied voices saying the new rule is pointless. Established last summer in a faculty and board meeting and began on the 18th of August, administration has banned the use of blankets on school campus.

The school board has many reasons for banning blankets, the most compelling reason being safety. A blanket generally tends to hide the body shape and, if worn atop the head, makes it difficult to recognize a student’s face. A major concern by the faculty is knowing who is in the hallways at all times.

“They make it hard to identify the student,” principal Jason Hayes said. “We want to make sure that we know who is walking in our hallways.”

The school administration also has seen the use of blankets as a security concern. With the hidden form that the large blanket causes, hiding weapons and contraband under is much easier.

“Our teachers said that they banned blankets because people can hold guns under the blanket,” junior Rachel Gore said.

As much verbal discontent has been said, a few students understand and have accepted the new rule.

“I don’t like the rule, but I can see why they (administration) don’t want us to have blankets in school,” senior Quinton Miller said.

As well as a safety issue, blankets pose as a distraction. The idea of huddling under a blanket brings a more laid back approach to school. Along with the idea of a relaxed atmosphere comes an opening for public displays of affection (PDA).

“Many students would share blankets and cuddle up to each other,” Hayes said. “The school is a learning environment.”

As unpopular as the blanket dress code is within the student body, there are reasons as to why it has been made. You can read all about the new dress code rule in the student handbook. Administration and faculty have asked for the cooperation of the students.

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