Volleyball send off

Husky volleyball attempts to take state.

Photo provided

Husky volleyball attempts to take state.

Chloe Golightly, North Staff Writer

In preparation for a victory, supportive Huskies sent off the North volleyball players in the Siberian gym to compete at State on October 16.

During the send off, principal Debreon Davis called off each volleyball players name, and students cheered as each athlete ran across the gym floor. The players then ran through a crowd of cheering students straight to their bus, which was waiting outside the gym.

The event showed a lot of school spirit, with students, athletes and administration showing up to send the players off to State together.

With a strong season already under their belt, Norths volleyball team battled for a chance to win State and end the season with a bang. The whole school came out to support the athletes and wish them all luck on their last tournament of the season.