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Bulldogs of Memorial: October

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Camren Offerman
Junior Adeline O’Connor shares her favorite part of Halloween.

“My whole street would gather together, and we all go down to the Bryan’s house and we had the halloween party. We always go eat and when it goes dark we go trick-or-treating. Our parents would always make us go down the Secret Street and pretend there was a scary monster that was going to attack us. We had to walk down secret street without flashlights, so it was pretty scary”. “Secret Street is gravel roads and potholes with lot’s of trees. When you’re a kid, you’re terrified”. “Me, my sisters, the Bryan’s, Ruby Baker, Ryan Ford, you know them, they would all take part. Some people would always run up ahead and hide behind a bush and scare all of us, it would always happen. We have done it and continue to do it every year, I love it.”

-Junior Adeline O’Connor when asked for her favorite part of Halloween.

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Bulldogs of Memorial: October