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Rap group, ‘Splash Gang’ making ripples

Emaure Mack, Santa Fe Staff Writer

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Richard Bean, Santa Fe’s Technology Fundamentals teacher is giving aspiring student musicians, a chance to create high quality music in his room. Of those performers involved, one group, Splash Gang, is making headway in their musical endeavors.

In his classes, students record podcasts as assignments but this group is comprised of three seniors: Jaylon McCrary, DeMarco Grayson and Mbari Snoddy.

“They approached me and asked if they could use my equipment and the group took off from there,” Bean said.

The Splash Gang uploads their music on SoundCloud with songs such as “After Party” and “Speeding.” The group’s style of music is exclusively rap describing who they are and where they came from. The group’s members even have their own personas. Snoddy refers to himself as Trill, McCrary as Young Maverick and Grayson as Marco.

The group came together one year ago looking for something fun to do to pass the time during their junior year.

“We were all in football and somehow we just discovered each other’s talents; these guys aren’t just my teammates, they are my brothers,” McCrary said.

Splash Gang creates their music after school in sessions that take 3-4 days for the lyrics. As for the beat, they have people they collect it from or they make it themselves.

“Lots of people come and record in my room, but Splash Gang is different. They have the talent to go far. Any time you have the equipment to make music, you have to take advantage of the opportunity and that’s what they did,” Bean said.

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Rap group, ‘Splash Gang’ making ripples