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New members of academic team participate in tournaments

Iris Harjo, Memorial Staff Writer

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On Sept. 23, the Academic Team have qualified for nationals.

“Memorial’s Academic Team has had an incredible start to the season,” the Academic Team sponsor Katie Klossner said.

In the first tournament, the Academic Team had 23 students divided into three teams that were competing against Norman North, Edmond North and Enid. From the event they were able to qualify for Nationals in Atlanta this coming May.

“This is my first year doing Academic Team because I didn’t have it at my middle school. It’s really fun to be apart of the team and talk with my new friends,” freshmen Rohan Rajeev said.

Academic team is split into three teams A, B and C according to their experience. This set up of the groups is very similar to varsity junior B freshmen teams for the tournaments.

“I thought the team performed well and the new team members showed a lot of potential and did well in what was, for many of them, their first major tournament,” 2018 Academic team captain of 2018, Jason Hughes said.

Members will be studying more about pop culture, history, current events as well as common core subjects. The leaders of the club encourage the students to work out the questions in a way they are not overwhelmed by the information or unprepared during the competitions.

“The new members picked up on clues taught in class with practice they worked together with their team members and quizzed each other during breaks to retain all the new knowledge,” Klossner said.

It is a team effort for all the members of Academic Team to bring new information into the classroom and link it to the questions they could be asked throughout the semester during events.

“The juniors and underclassmen have a lot of potential, I have hope in my fellow seniors that we will be able to pass on our experience and wisdom to the younger team members,” Hughes said.

As the members learn from the veterans of Academic Team they will gain experience that is useful in life and to build up their confidence.

“I really love being able to teach and watch our students succeed in local, state competitions, and on National stage,” Klossner said. “I hope my students learn how to work together, be a team member, and to encourage each other whether we win or lose.”

Questions asked in the second tournament were mainly based on literature, history and some current events.

“Being on the team is great to challenge someone’s practice for someone who for example will be studying in what they are passionate about for their career in the future,” senior team member Jared Haymore said.

Academic team has begun with enough confidence to power through which has proven they are on the right path considering how well they are doing.


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Photo Provided
Freshman Ethan Inglett, Senior Paige Frey, Junior Priyanna Patel, Freshman Travis Clark, Freshman Celina Zhao, Freshman Louisa Semprebon, Freshman Amelia Brown, Freshman Rohan Rajeev, Sophomore Gillian Marshall, Senior Jared Haymore, Senior Laurel Semprebon, Senior Jason Hughes, Sophomore Edmund Zheng, Sophomore Michael Li, Sophomore Oliver Wu, Sophomore William Hartman, Freshman Jake Johnson, Sophomore Peyton Fox, Freshman Mikey Lucario, Freshman Isabella Brunner, Junior Kyle Marshall.
Not Pictured: Sophomores Gavin Maly, Sophomores Logan Hill

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New members of academic team participate in tournaments