Meet Italian exchange student: Matteo Sarais


Photo Provided

17 year old Matteo Sarais is posing in front of the Roman Colosseum spending his last moments in Italy before he travels to the United States to study as a foreign exchange student.

Megan Tran, Santa Fe Managing Editor

Santa Fe has several foreign exchange students such as junior Lily Li from China and junior Inma Higueras-Serrano from Spain who have come to study and experience life here in the United States. Another student of the foreign exchange program is junior Matteo Sarais.

Sarais is 16 years old and from the large island of Sardinia, Italy located in the Western Mediterranean. He has previously studied abroad in France but this is his first time visiting the U.S. He learned English through classes at school in Italy and this year he is enrolled in classes such as Algebra II and Zoology along with personal favorite: Journalism. Sarais is one of the two photographers on the Santa Fe newspaper staff and is learning more and more by the day.

“I studied photography two years ago, back home in Italy, so Journalism is my favorite class because I can be the photographer,” said Sarais. “Taking pictures is my passion and I might pursue photography for my career but I might also study architecture because I like seeing how buildings are made.”

Sarais mentioned that one major difference between the classes in America and the classes in Italy is the system of changing classrooms and teachers between periods. In Italy, the students all stay together in the same classroom the entire school day and the teacher switches out; while here, the students change classes and teachers each hour.

“I don’t particularly prefer one system over the other,” said Sarais. “On one hand, I like staying with the same classmates throughout the day because I build closer relationships with them; however, I also like switching classes often because I get to meet more people and make new friends.”

America is quite different from Sarais’ hometown and he hopes to gain a new perspective to take back and share with others. Sarais’ leaves for Italy in June to return for his senior year.


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