Mexico leveled by significant tremor


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On Sept. 19, an earthquake occurred in Mexico

Andrea Hernandez, Santa Fe Staff Writer

On Sept. 19, a major earthquake in Mexico took the lives of nearly 400 innocent people. It seriously affected an abundant amount of people in a matter of hours. The devastating event resulted in severely damaged buildings such as schools, hospitals, homes and many more.

At 2:14 pm Eastern time, the US Geological Survey reported a powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake with an epicenter some 100 miles away from the Mexican capital, near Puebla. The tremor occurred on a moderately dipping fault and the earthquake appeared to shake for about 20 seconds (USGS). In that little amount of time, it destroyed central Mexico.

“The earthquake that took over our country was devastating to us. We maintained calm, followed steps to evacuate buildings and helped out,” an earthquake victims’s close friend Sandra Tovar said.

The damages done could cost Mexico as much as $20 billion dollars. Mexico’s president Enrique Peña Nieto hopes to complete reconstructing damages in 2018 (Washington Post).

Doctors, nurses, veterinarians, engineers, teachers, and a variety of people have volunteered to help Mexico. The Red Cross has asked people to stop volunteering since a plentiful of people have come forward to help. In addition, 15 rescue dogs have aided earthquake victims and 7-year-old labrador retriever named Frida has saved 52 lives during that tragic day (

“Mexico and other parts of countries have united to help the victims,” Sandra Tovar said.

Meanwhile, Mexico has returned to functioning normal again aside from the earthquake casualties. Empty lots have now become memorial sites where flowers are laid and tributes are left.

We can help towards the earthquake victims by donating money, food, clothes, and many more relief efforts to organizations and charities; such as Cruz Roja Mexicana, Project Paz, Oxfam and UNICEF Mexico.

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