Josh Eliot: directing his way through life


Photo provided by Josh Eliot

Pictured left to right, Josh Eliot, Page Lebs, Amber Parkhurst, Alex Mullings, Bret Williams, Cooper Frank, Cameron Dose and Molly Erwin all enjoyed Eliot's new film that was showcased in a movie theater.

Colt Beat, Memorial Staff Writer

On Nov. 5, senior Josh Eliot premiered his horror film at the AMC Classic Northpark 7 theater. The movie, titled “Horror Movie 2,” is a sequel to Eliot’s short film “Horror Movie,” which is about a group of teenagers who go to an abandoned area to film a horror movie.

Unfortunately, all but one of the innocent kids is murdered while on the property. “Horror Movie 2” follows the life of the only survivor from the previous movie, Carly Adams, who finds herself right where she was a year ago, among a group of her peers that are victims of various unfortunate events.

These projects are just some of the many films that Eliot has produced and directed.

Throughout his life, Eliot has always been interested in cinema and the art of filmmaking and it wasn’t until around the age of eight years old that Eliot began to dabble in making movies and actually perform the requirements needed to produce a motion picture.

“I love storytelling and filmmaking is my personal favorite form of it because you get all these aspects of writing, visuals, acting, editing and music combined to create the story,” Eliot said. “I find it fascinating how a film can have that many different levels to telling a story.”

Senior Paige Lebs, who has starred in both of Eliot’s horror films, has a similar outlook on why Eliot produces movies.

“I think he just loves the process of coming up with ideas and seeing them brought to life,” Lebs said.

In order to be a filmmaker, one has to be responsible, patient and adaptable. Through years of crafting motion pictures, Eliot is able to fulfill everything that a filmmaker needs to do in order to make a project successful.

“I write the scripts, plan the shots, shoot the scenes, edit the footage and put it all together,” Eliot said. “It’s a lot of work, but it is all worth it in the end.”

On and off the production set, Eliot is described as humble, kind-hearted and full of passion.

“He never wants to be hurtful to his actors,” Lebs said. “When I assistant direct with him, I’m always the designated yeller.”

Although Eliot enjoys producing and directing, he does not plan on making a career out of it. Instead, Eliot would like to be a writer or editor.

“I don’t think I’m a dominant enough person to control and account for more people than I would usually work with,” Eliot said. “In fact, I believe I would collapse under the stress.”

For now, Eliot plans to continue doing what he loves.

“For the distant future, I want to keep making short films with my friends,” Eliot said. “I have a movie coming out soon called ‘The Show Must Go On,’ and it’s about my experience in the high school theater department.”

Regardless if Eliot pursues a career in filmmaking, his work will show how passionate and determined he is about bringing his ideas to life.

“He always tries his best no matter what he does in life,” Lebs said.

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