Christmas light conundrum


Photo by Kaylee Christenson

Christmas lights come early

Addie Detrich, North Staff Writer

With Christmas just around the corner and ceramic Santas being dusted, the christmas lights cannot be forgotten. Historically, christmas lights are a recent invention dating back to the late 19th century, when electric lights became a festive and safe alternative to candles.

Once a year, a beautiful display of lights coat Edmond and Oklahoma City. Most noted is the Chesapeake Energy display, featuring color-changing lights in an array of designs and patterns. A popular residential light show is the McIntire family light display in Edmond, whose lights are synchronized to multiple Christmas songs.

For some, hanging lights can be dangerous and overwhelming. Decorating under the influence of Christmas rush and stress can cause injuries. An alternative for people who are busy but want to decorate their homes can hire a team of skilled workers who will hang lights on their house. This kind of task is becoming popularized as people’s lives become overloaded.

There are many different lawn and garden companies who hang lights seasonally.  A popular local choice is Forrester Holiday Lighting,who lights commercial buildings, residential homes and public events. The average cost for lighting a residential home is $1,250, which includes the cost of the light strands and labor.

Forrester also donates lighting services to various events. For the OSU homecoming parade crash they decorated the hospital with orange lights. Todd Forrester, an Edmond native and Memorial graduate, is happy to donate lights to high school events.

Last year we donated lights to the Swine week dance at Memorial for STUCO. It was fun.” said Forrester, Director of Marketing and Promotion.

To decorate or not decorate is still a valid question. If you are skeptical consider Clark Griswold who spent days and time away from his family hanging lights just to find out the bulbs were busted and fell off his ladder! However we must also now consider, if we do decorate, whether to hire these services done professionally or DIY. If you choose the latter then be careful and have a safe and happy holiday.