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Memorial is pro anti-bullying club

Senior Allie Arispe is one of the students involved in the formation of the club.

Senior Allie Arispe is one of the students involved in the formation of the club.

Camren Offerman

Camren Offerman

Senior Allie Arispe is one of the students involved in the formation of the club.

Rachel Bussert, Memorial Staff Writer

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Throughout the start of the 2017-2018 school year, bullying and cyber bullying have begun to be prevalent issues at Memorial, especially among the sophomore class. To combat this, a group of upperclassmen have joined together to form a new club at Memorial: the Anti-Bullying Club.

“Several of my friends and I could relate to the problem and felt we should take care of it in any way possible that we could,” senior Breanna Putnam said.

Putnam along with many of her classmates including seniors Haydn Brown and Allison Arispe and junior Connor Eshelman have united to create this club that will hopefully change the way victims of bullying at Memorial feel and prevent bullying at Memorial for years to come.

“We look to make EMHS a more inclusive and healthier environment,” Eshelman said. “If we can keep one person from being bullied or harassed, we are achieving our goal.”

While this is a great goal for an amazing new club, many students, like sophomore Mia Beat, are disappointed that Memorial even has a palpable need for this club.

“It’s honestly just sad. We have been told to treat others the way we want to be treated since we were children, yet some people still have not understood the message,” Beat said.

The creators of this club have noticed the benefits of this increased action by the administration but they have also noticed the faults in it.

“It’s something we want to start because our classmates will listen to someone closer to them then they would to an adult,” Putnam said. “The students need to hear this message from people who have been bullied or have been bullies themselves.”

This ideology is not solely reflected by Putnam. Other founders have realized that students need to speak up if this prevalent problem is to go away in the near future.

“I have seen the effects and experienced them first hand,” Eshelman said. “When Memorial made the news two times in less than ten days because of bullying, it caught my attention that bullying and harassment are ongoing things occurring at Memorial.”

Since the club is in it’s early stages, it is uncertain who will be on the leadership team or when and where the club will meet. With the addition of this club at Memorial, hopefully the issue of bullying, cyber bullying and harassment will near a resolution.

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Memorial is pro anti-bullying club