AP Studio Art: Capturing moments and the test

By FAYTHE MILLER, North Staff Managing Editor

Each year students compete at coveted levels trying to obtain recognition from College Board for their artistic pieces. Students here at North are offered the ability to take Advanced Placement art classes which are categorized as Studio Art this includes 2D pieces that focus on either visual and/or physical works, or 3D which is more focused on design and construction.

Junior Natalie Linch has explored her passion for art by taking various art classes at North all three years she has been at the school.

“I choose AP 2D Art because it allows me to interpret emotions and feelings through the artwork I create,” Linch said. “Taking this class has helped me explore my own skills as an artist.”

The AP tests for the art classes are broken up by differing focal points in each semester. First semester students focus on 12 breath pieces, which means the pieces can be any style or type that the student chooses. The second semester focuses on 12 concentration pieces. The concentration of the artwork is chosen by the student and the pieces must follow the theme that they have chosen. For example some popular concentrations are self perception, identity and evolution.  Many students take this class as a way to challenge their abilities like Junior Sajin Poos.

“AP Studio Art has really pushed my mind as a creative student, and has given me the opportunity to have the tools and knowledge to do what I do best,” Poos said. “I have always had a passion for art and this class was a great opportunity to have an artistic outlook in every aspect of what I do. I am a true believer that a picture is worth a thousand words. My favorite photos exemplify the levels of understanding only an image can evoke.”

Though these classes may seem to be strict with the requirements of the assignments, there is a lot of freedom in each piece the students create. These classes, like any other AP classes require hours of work and dedication to the subject matter.

The ability to create whatever artists want is what inspired Senior Gracie Gould the most when signing up for this class. She took this class as a way to be free of the confinements of a normal classroom.

“I love having a choice in what I do,” Gould said. “There is less stress in this AP class because it is all about how you manage your time to get your art pieces finished.”

Those looking for an outlet to express creativity and have a passion for art should strongly consider the AP classes offered here at North. For more information about AP Studio Art click here.