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An Olympian to coach a team of state champions

Samantha Thompson, Memorial Copy Editor

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The 110 meter hurdles, 60 meter hurdles, open 60 meter dash, open 100 meter dash, open 200 meters, open 400 meters, 4×100 meter relay and 4×200 meter relay; to the average person, this long list sounds like a foreign language. To Memorial’s newest girls’ track coach, Marcus Maxey, these events are second nature to him; he competes in them year after year, meet after meet.

These events have been a huge part of Maxey’s life for 12 years and have lead him to success and the development of a strong work ethic. For Maxey, this began in his youth when he became the high school state champion in Georgia in his favorite event: the 110 meter hurdles.

He went on to run for Clemson University where he became a five time All American. Maxey holds some of the top collegiate times in the United States, making his resume long and significant.

“During college I competed all around the United States,” Maxey said. “We also went to other countries including China, which really prepared me for a future professional career.”

Prior to his college career, Maxey joined the Army in August of 2013. He currently serves as a 23B, IT Technological Specialist for the Army. Throughout this, he continued running as part of the World-Class Athlete Program (WCAP), where he represents the Army by running in the 60 meter hurdles and 110 meter hurdles.

Most recently, Maxey has finished as a 2016 Olympic Trial semifinalist, a 2017 USA Indoor semifinalist and a 2017 outdoor competitor. His respectable performances led him to commit to Nike as a professional runner, and now as a coach for Memorial.

Maxey was offered the position at Memorial by previous assistant coach Rodney Burke. As of this year, Rodney has left Memorial and begun coaching at OSU. Rodney encouraged Maxey to take the open coaching opportunity at Memorial.

They girls on the team have already benefitted from the experience and knowledge of Maxey.

“Just having a coach who has been through the exact same thing as I am doing now makes the coaching I receive much more meaningful,” senior hurdler Emma Pitts said. “Even though he barely began coaching at Memorial, he already has had a huge impact on the team because of his insight and knowledge.”

With such an impressive past and promising future, the girls’ track team and head coach are lucky to have Maxey as an assistant coach.

“We are hopefully for a year of continued success because of our exciting new addition to the coaching staff,” head coach Grantham said.

Coaching the team’s sprinters, hurdlers and long jumpers, Maxey has a large role in the team’s hopeful success. But as back-to-back state champions, Memorial’s Girls’ track seems very capable to accomplish even the toughest of goals.

“I hope to help the Bulldogs win a state championship,” Maxey said. “I also want to create the next champion because, with the right mindset, it is possible for anyone to obtain this goal.”

The girls are preparing for track season and are already looking forward to the state competition. They are seen working daily, rain or shine, hoping to earn another state title this year.

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An Olympian to coach a team of state champions