Santa Fe’s Orchestra proves to be superior at contest


Maddie Bunn

Freshman Elijah Ting is pictured at the Santa Fe Orchestra concert, which occurred the day before contest.

Corrie Warmoth, Santa Fe Staff Writer

As one passes through the fine art hall, they here music flowing through the halls , escaping the confinement of orchestra room, as they practice for the various contests they partake in. Oct. 15, the Symphonic Orchestra participated in their first contest of the year, the Fall Oklahoma Secondary Schools Athletic Association (OSSAA) Contest.

In preparation for the OSSAA contest, the orchestra rehearsed every morning during first hour. The songs they chose to preform were “American Sketches” composed by Joshua Rezincowl and “Aase’s Death” composed by Edvard Grieg.

“Every first hour we worked really hard to perfect the pieces we preformed for the OSSAA contest,” junior Courtney Wilkinson said.

Before their performance the orchestra was given 20 minutes to play a quick run through or address any difficult spots in their pieces in the designated practice room.

“During warm up there is a lot of excitement before performing,” senior Mourren Sibichan said. “There is a little bit of stress but mostly excitement.”

After warm up, the orchestra then proceeded to the auditorium where they perform in front of judges. The judges during the performance speak into small to give commentary and advise they had while listening. After the orchestra is finished preforming, they pack up. The judges later in the day will give a rating to the orchestras ranging from superior (I) to unsatisfactory (IV).

This year the orchestra received a Superior rating.

“I feel that the students gained much satisfaction in their fall concert and contest performances,” Orchestra director Christy Fine said. “In choosing the pieces we preformed I attempted to set the bar high so that we could raise our musical skills, as well as preform pieces that would be enjoyable for our audience.”

The next contest will be another OSSAA contest from February 14-15, the Symphonic Orchestra will invite some band members to perform with them and they will be required to play music they have never seen before as well.