Dancing with the Wolves


Maddie Bunn

Santa Fe Super Wolves dressed in jerseys pose for their school yearbook picture.

Amaya Stevenson, Online Managing Editor

The Super Wolves (students with physical and mental disabilities) at Santa Fe participate in a myriad of affairs throughout the year. Along with their usual Special Olympics sports events such as basketball, track and bowling, they have added a new activity to their repertoire: ballroom dancing.

The ballroom dancing program started during the 2016-2017 school year. Special Education math teacher Charlotte Jackson saw it as a unique activity for the students to be able to participate in.

“Coach (Kyle) White and I put our heads together and thought this was something that the Super Wolves would find enjoyable,” Jackson said.

The ballroom dance program is 12 weeks long and during this time the students are able to learn one style of dance and a routine. Outside choreographers from a dance program come in for one hour twice a week to help students perfect their moves.

The students have thoroughly enjoyed this new activity. Special Education English teacher Teri Martin believes that this program is a way for the students to learn teamwork and a chance to build character.

“Through the ballroom dancing program the students have not only gained dancing skills but they have also learned how to be kind and get along well with others,” Martin said. “They also really like the dancing.”

On Nov. 30 from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. in the Santa Fe gym the students will be able to present what they have learned during a performance for their friends and family. In this showcase the students will show off their skills by dancing the Rumba (a rhythmic dance originating in Cuba that has Spanish and African influences).

“We have invited different schools and the principals here to come and would like the Santa Fe student body to also be there to see what the kids have been up to,” Jackson said.

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