Strong female leads and endless laughter

The Odd Couple debuted on Nov. 2

Photo by Zara Khan

The Odd Couple debuted on Nov. 2

Zara Khan, North Editor-in-Chief


The Drama Department took on a new take in  Neil Simon’s, “The Odd Couple”  featuring strong female leads which debuted  Nov. 2, 3 and 4. The play revolves  around the dynamics of friendship and female bonding providing the audience with a new and unique perspective.

The play is about newly single Florence and Olive, who end up living together and face a few bumps along the road together due to their opposite personalities. However, their nightly board games and chit chats provides for comic relief.

“The show has universal circumstances such as relationships and friendship,” Drama Director Patrick Towne said. “It also is a good showcase for the many talented female students at North.”

One of the best performances was from senior Hayden Holland who played Florence Ungar in the play, her quirky characteristics and facial expressions were on par making the play even more entertaining.

Holland has also starred in previous North productions including “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” “Wonderland,” “Pippin” and “A Love for Three Oranges.”

“The most challenging part was finding a balance between the character’s emotional craziness and her motherly ways,” Holland said.

Representing the stereotype of the clueless housewife back in that time period, senior Kassidy Carsten  portrayed Vera in the play as a naive yet humorous character.

Carsten who has been in theatre since she was 12 years old, spoke about her favorite aspects of playing Vera’s character.

“I love how challenging it was,” Carsten said. “ I have extremely different views than Vera and, so I had to learn how to not let my opinions sway my performance.”

I never expected a high school play to make me laugh so much. The different characters depicted on stage created an interesting contrast of strong personalities, leaving the audience wanting more.

“The Odd Couple” was filled with laughter, irony and fun. From set designs to costume designs which completed the aesthetic feel of vibrant colors making  the audience feel like they there in the 1960s. The actors did a splendid job in connecting with their characters as well as the audience. The Drama Department’s next production,  “The Mystery of Edwin Drood,” will showcase in the spring.  Auditions take place Nov. 27 to Dec. 1.


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