People Devoted to Quality (PDQ) Review


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Working hard to make sure the food is quality and up to par.

Nuna Bensaoud, Staff Writer

People Devoted to Quality (PDQ) is a relatively new fast food chain that was founded in 2009 with its first location opened in Tampa, Florida during 2011. There are some Santa Fe students that work at PDQ and there are many positive reviews on the quality of PDQ shared online. Since I hadn’t tried it yet, I gave it a shot.

My first impression of the restaurant was positive and the interior was very clean and modern. I ordered the crispy chicken sandwich meal and I had a glimpse of the prices for their sandwiches; the prices averaged around four dollars and fifty cents, which is, in my opinion, a very fair price for the subject matter.

When ordering, the cashier was able to have a nice balance of being very polite but very straightforward. When I received the food each item was nicely packaged in a space efficient box.

The sandwich itself was in a white paper baggy that was placed in a standing up, folding box while the fries were stored in a thin, rectangular box. The packaging was the nicest packaging I’ve seen for a fast food restaurant.

The sandwich in itself was very filling and I really liked how it tasted. The pickles were fresh and not overwhelming. Mayonnaise made the sandwich not dry but again the flavor wasn’t too prominent, which is good if you don’t like mayonnaise. All in all, the balance in the sandwich was really well done.

The fries were a perfect texture; crispy but not too crispy. The original potato skins were still on some of the fries and the fries were lightly salted. I greatly prefer the PDQ fries over any other fast food french fries just for the sole purpose of the right amount of salt.

Overall, I rate PDQ a 10 out of 10. The customer service was nice because they’re polite and to the point, the restaurant is well taken care of, the food is prepared with caution and packaged very neatly and the pricing is very fair compared to the quality of food you get. I highly recommend giving PDQ a chance.

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