Justice League: A fun but flawed action flick

A promotional poster for the film.

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A promotional poster for the film.

John Bishop, North Staff Writer

“Justice League” was released in the U.S. on Nov. 17, leaving some to believe it didn’t do “justice” to the well known and well loved characters of DC comics. Despite the movies low rating of 41% on Rotten Tomatoes, many fans have voiced their positive opinions about the film. For example, 88% of Google users said they enjoyed the movie. The polarization is nothing new, with almost every DC movie suffering from the same contrasting opinions from “Man of Steel to the newest rendition of “Justice League. The newest film had many shortcomings that were hardly redeemed by the few positive features of the movie.

One of the biggest failing points of this film was the writing. For example, Steppenwolf, the main antagonist of the film, had no obvious motivation for his actions other than the fact that he was evil. Another example of the weak writing found in the movie

These weak plot choices represent the unrealistic and unfortunate trend that DC superhero movies tend to have. True storytelling and engaging characters are being replaced with unreasonable plots and flat, static characters whose decisions and actions only exist to getting from one point of the plot to another.

Another huge issue was the use of computer-generated imagery (CGI) in the film. Often times, characters who were completely or partially created with CGI looked plastic and unreal. The main villain, Steppenwolf, looked more like a character in a videogame than a powerful supervillain in a live-action movie.  

Despite its flaws, ”Justice League” manages to deliver on action-packed story that superhero fans have grown to love. Other standout aspects of the film were The Flash(Ezra Miller).He delivers the much-needed comic relief missing in past DC films, and the lighter tone helps to brighten the otherwise dark and gritty DC Extended Universe (DCEU).

All in all, Zack Snyder’s “Justice League” doesn’t have any intricate plots or fleshed-out characters, but it does have the action and fun that fans of the characters have come to enjoy. Like past DCEU films, the movie feels convoluted and unreal, but it still provides a fun action movie experience. If you’re a fan of the characters or are looking for a fun action movie, go see “Justice League”.

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