The culture of dating

High school couples have come a long way.

Photo by Cason White

High school couples have come a long way.

Cason White, North Staff Writer

The culture of dating in high school has changed from the time our parents were in school to now. Back in the day when people were in relationships with one another, it wasn’t as simple as picking up the phone and texting a time and location to meet, there was a lot more planning involved and more human interaction. In the so called “modern times” dating is ultimately entirely different.

In 2017, texting a significant other throughout the entire day is something everyone does. Even when people who are in a relationship are with each other watching a movie on the couch, they’re probably snapchatting each other at the same time. This is just an example of how communication has changed over time.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. When a person goes out of town or on vacation, facetime and text messaging can help keep them together.

Another big technological break for relationships has been the introduction of dating apps such as Tinder. The interesting part however is that teenagers usually meet people they become interested in, in person while more and more single adults transition into the use of these apps to meet partners.

The next biggest advancement we see nowadays is the use of the handy iPhone app, “find my friends.” If a girlfriend or boyfriend tells their partner they are at home but the other isn’t 100 percent sure they’re being truthful, pick up the phone and check that location.

People in high school find usually believe that it’s okay to track their partner.

Sophomores Zach Escovedo and Madi White have been dating through this school year and agreed with the changes in dating.  

“I think it’s normal to share your location with each other, I always know if my boyfriend is lying about where he’s out so it’s a good thing,” White said.  

Dating has evolved from simple times, not everything is the same and advancements in technology will make relationships even more distant in years to come.

“I think that dating is way different for teenagers these days than it was for teenagers before phones,” Escovedo said.

Who knows what dating will be like in later years, but it is sure to continue the trend of distant communication and more technological communication.

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