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The making of substantial AP classes

Ainsley Martinez, North Staff Writer

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College oriented classes are often strived for by students who seek strong college applications, higher education credits and difficulty in a course. Classes that pertain to these motivations are delivered in the national level Advanced Placement program. Due to North’s 2,800 students and a public school system that provides about 200 classes, students often feel permitted to seek courses that directly pertain to their educational motives.

When finding AP courses suitable for students’ needs, the surplus of offered classes can seem superfluous. This intended variety can be confusing when students are deciding what advanced courses to sign up for. However, based on knowledge of the course’s content, and previous experiences from peers, a student’s academic interests can be met.

Sources for students schedules often stem from a class they find interest in. Classes that attract an audience due to their content provide enjoyment for students. AP psychology allows students to venture into career based knowledge, and learn content they appreciate. Jordan Atcheson, the psychology teacher at North, drives the class with exhibited insight. Atcheson’s class is discussion based, and his desire to teach mirrors student’s experiences. The majority of former students have called the class the most interesting elective they’ve taken; with a significant total of on level students returning to the classroom to take AP psychology. Atcheson recognizes that teaching high school psychology is not a common occurrence, and appreciates the opportunity. His admiration for his subject transforms the class as a whole.

A highly recommended and  exceptional AP course is physics. AP physics is not an easy sailing course, but teachers like Ernest Sanchez make it a student favorite. When observing a lecture from Mr. Sanchez, one could barely sit down to notice why the class was so acclaimed. Sanchez made it step-by-step process, he structured lessons in an easy manner and immediately connected it to his finishing product of teaching- the AP test.

Sanchez’ strategy is to make the formula “world oriented”. He steers away from figurative word problems, and instead he presents a real life scenario, in which students can “see and touch” the formula right in front of them.  Sanchez structures the class with vigorous detail, but seamlessly; as if the lecture is a gradual conversation between him and students.

The physics teachers at North implement the notion that a mentor’s personality goes a long way. In many ways, students should take advantage of the school district’s selection of teachers who understand these educational challenges and transforms them into attainable concepts.  

In many ways, teachers reflect the experience of the classroom.  Students and teachers’ motivations alike share an incredible value when it come to a prosperous class. College oriented classes can be accomplishable with motivated and connective mentors. Find more information on the requirements and content of these courses by speaking with a school counselor.

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The making of substantial AP classes