Authentic restaurants to dine at in Oklahoma

This Chinese restaurant is located on 1010 West Memorial Road in Edmond and serves delicious, authentic oriental food.

This Chinese restaurant is located on 1010 West Memorial Road in Edmond and serves delicious, authentic oriental food.

Megan Tran, Santa Fe Managing Editor

Living in Oklahoma, it can sometimes be difficult to find an authentic ethnic restaurant to dine at. While every street corner is saturated with Panda Express and Taco Bell, a restaurant where one can find real oil-sprinkled noodles or tortas is hard to come across. However, there are a few dining options for ethnic food junkies to find satisfaction at.

One of the most authentic Chinese restaurants in Oklahoma is Szechuan Bistro located on 1010 West Memorial Road in Edmond. Szechuan Bistro is owned by senior Nick Chen’s parents and it is known as the prime spot for hungry people to eat at if they want a meal that tastes like it was cooked in a Chinese grandmother’s kitchen.

“If my family goes out for Chinese food, Szechuan Bistro is always the place we pick,” senior Jessica Fan said. “They have these Dan Dan noodles that are super delicious and actually pretty true to the noodles you’d find in China. Most of their dishes are all quite authentic and their Hong Kong style duck is something that is hard to find at other Chinese restaurants around Oklahoma.”

If Chinese food isn’t your preference, then consider dining at Tacos San Pedro, an authentic dine-in Mexican restaurant located on 2301 SW 44th Street in Oklahoma City. It recently celebrated its 25th anniversary in July and many Mexican food enthusiasts swear by this place as one of the best in the state for a delicious assortment of true Mexican foods.

“Tacos San Pedro blows Taco Bell, Fuzzy’s, Del Taco, or any other Mexican restaurant in Oklahoma out of the water,” junior Bella Gonzales said. “Their tortas are amazing and their tamales are some of the best I’ve ever had. If I could, I would eat their food every day for the rest of my life.”

Lastly, if you’re looking for a delightful Thai restaurant to dine at, then Thai House on 500 NW 23rd Street in Oklahoma City is your best option. Their menu has a wide array of authentic Thai foods ranging from curries to Tom Yum noodle bowls and they also have an all-day buffet for those wanting to try it all.                                 

“Even my mom, who never likes restaurant food, loves Thai House because their food seriously tastes like the original Thai food she had back at home,” senior Akiya Milton said. “Their green curry and rad na [gravy noodles] taste exactly like a home-cooked meal my aunt would make. I’ve literally never had a dish from Thai House that has disappointed me.”

There are of course plenty more restaurants around Oklahoma that may not be as authentic, but still serve delicious food for many to enjoy. As the diversity of Oklahoma continues to grow, many more diners continue to open and cater to almost any palette. 





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