Kissing need goodbye: MSA hosts relief fundraiser


Maddie Bunn

Taking her part in the fundraiser, AP Government teacher Ms. York kisses a goat during the winter sports assembly.

Sydney Varner, Santa Fe Managing Print Editor

As hurricanes ravaged the east coast, Santa Fe students couldn’t just stand by. In result, Santa Fe’s Muslim Student Association (MSA) held a fundraiser to raise money going towards hurricane relief:  “Kiss the Goat,” a unique new way to raise money for the organizations.

MSA came up with this idea to stand out and bring the entirety of Santa Fe to be involved in the event to make as big of an impact as possible.

“[Co-Vice President Karim Kari] came up with this to be different from the typical food drives and something to do at an assembly to get the school involved,” Co-Vice President Fizza Sattar said.

MSA raised funds for Save the Children’s hurricane relief fundraiser. MSA structured “Kiss the Goat” so students could make donations and in turn vote for their favorite teacher to, exactly as it sounds, kiss a goat. AP United States Government teachers K.C. Williams and Torie York won the votes and students were rewarded with watching their teachers kiss the goat during (place and time).

“We can do two things at once, be involved and give back to the community at the same time,” York said. “If we have fun and show kids that teachers work well together, then that’s a good day for me.”

Santa Fe clubs and students hoped to make an impact in the community and inspire others to do the same.

“It will help our community to see that there is a population that wants to help everyone in need,” English Language Learning teacher Keisha Cole said.

Santa Fe’s impact in hurricane relief is only one small part, but will continue to inspire the generosity of other students and people in the community.


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