Edmond Santa Fe Shines Bright With Its Honor Choir Auditions


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Here are few of many of Santa Fe's honor choir members.

Anastasia Mercer, Santa Fe Staff Writer

Edmond Santa Fe completed its annual auditions for All State and COCDA (Central Oklahoma Choral Director’s Association choirs). Around 2,000 choir students all around the metropolitan area tried out and 300 were accepted. This year, Santa Fe had 12 students make the choir, which is an increase in previous years.

A month prior to the audition, the students received their music and they practice together during their free time. If the participant makes it past the first round, they then audition for the actual spot in the choir.

“Auditioning for the honor choir was nerve wracking at first, but once you get used to it, it’s the time of the year where you get really close to other choir members,” junior Arden Hearne said.

Jeanine Gully has been teaching choir in Edmond for 36 years and has seen that the honor choirs help to advance a singer’s ability. She hopes to continually see students progress and work hard for their goals.

“I think our students were working very hard this year to achieve excellence and they understand that even if they don’t make an honor choir they still become better by working hard,” Gully said.

Shermie Potts, who also teaches choir and occasionally judges the auditions, was excited to see improvement of the amount of students from Santa Fe being accepted into honor choir. COCDA occurred a month before All State and they both received the same amount of students from Santa Fe. The junior high students count towards Edmond as a whole and bring our number of students up.

“The number of students have improved because the students practiced together and worked very hard,” Potts said.

The honor choirs this year have continued to open up opportunities to all choir students. The COCDA concert already took place Oct 30, but All State concert will be Jan. 20 at the performing arts center in Tulsa.



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