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Katelyn making her mark

Megan Cherry, Staff writer

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Katelyn Levings is making her mark in the world of girls basketball. She started playing varsity for Memorial as a freshman last year alongside her older sister Kendra.

“She is just so versatile, she’s tall, talented, and super driven, she works hard to be where she is.” girls basketball coach Dandy Peeler said

Levings was selected for a newly established national team called Blue Star 30.

“Blue star 30 is a group of 30 girls, mostly from the US, but there a few girls from Canada,” Katelyn said. “It was nice to meet new people, it was hard for me to open up at first but now i’m looking forward to playing with them in the future”.

Blue Star 30 was created so girls can train for the international team and create bonds with other talented girls from across the country.

“My sister inspired me to push myself, whenever we play together it’s so much fun and we bond really well” Kendra said

“I always did everything i could to be like her, and when I went to one of her practices i knew i needed to play too” Katelyn said.

Katelyn was originally inspired to start basketball by her older sister Kendra who was recently accepted into Oklahoma Christian University on a basketball scholarship.

Kendra has been playing basketball for more than 13 years and is also inspired by her sister.

Levings plans on trying out for the official USA junior girl’s team next year, she has tried out for the last two years and made it to the last cut.

Katelyn plans to work as hard as she can to improve her skills on and off the court.

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Katelyn making her mark