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Tabletop excercise

Megan Cherry, Staff writer

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On Sept. 18, Edmond Memorial faculty and staff participated in a tabletop exercise to test the school’s preparedness in an extreme weather situation.

“A tabletop exercise is a scenario in which you sit and work through events that occur as if they were real life”, Sally Stewart said.

The exercise was put together by Assistant principal and safety director Stewart and the safety committee.

“We discussed how we would meet with our buddies [teacher partner in the case of severe weather] and our department’s” safety committee member Susan Emerich said

Certain points of discussion included the ability for teachers to release students to their parents in the case of an emergency, more lenience on teacher dress codes on days when rough weather is likely. And if a parent picks up their student, the absence will be exempt.

The exercise started with a powerful video from Amy Raney, the counselor from Plaza Towers Elementary School in the Moore school district that was destroyed in the May tornado from 2013. She spoke about how she could have been more prepared had her staff practiced for weather scenarios.

Teachers were grouped by hallway in partners, and given a scenario to work through. Scenarios accounted for students missing, blocked exits and injured students, making the exercise more realistic.

“It was a good starting place, it was nice that administration took time to hear us out”, fine arts teacher Jesse Herndon said.

Another point that the tabletop exercise was able to address, was which faculty members were able to take a leadership role in a time of crisis.

“It gave me more insight as to who is more prepared for a bad situation,” Herndon said.

The exercise was put together by Sally Stuart the safety director at Memorial. She planned the event alongside the safety committee. New teachers and veteran teachers alike were able to learn something from the tabletop  exercise.


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Tabletop excercise