Black Mirror season four shatters all expectations


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John Bishop, North Staff Writer

With a history of having some of the bleakest and depressing glimpses into the future of our technology-dependant age, many fans of the critically acclaimed show Black Mirror wondered how the show could continue to create engaging and scarily realistic predictions. For Netflix, the answer was surprisingly simple: Make it even bleaker.

The anthology series sets its focus on a different version of a possible future with each episode. The episodes of season four cover a wide range of topics from a parody of Star Trek to a look into what dating apps could one day become. The intriguing topics are all tied to interesting -and sometimes downright terrifying-  concepts of inventions of the future and the implications associated with them.

For example, in the season four episode “Arkangel”, a tablet allows parents to monitor their child’s entire life. The ramification presented in episodes such as this one often lead to the notorious twists that would make The Twilight Zone’s Rod Serling proud. However, not all episodes of season four were as outstanding as the others.

The episode titled “Metalhead” was the worst of the season. It centers around a woman being chased by robotic dogs in a post-apocalyptic world.  It wasn’t necessarily a bad episode, it just wasn’t up to par with the rest of the series. The episode doesn’t have the same introspective reflections of the effects of technology on our society, but rather tells a tense story of cat and mouse.

As with the other seasons of the series, season four upholds the excellent acting and writing that has become a staple of Black Mirror.  It proved itself to once again be one of the most defining shows of this generation through its examination of the seemingly never ending advance of technology. Black Mirror season four is an outstanding addition to an already incredible show.

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