Insidious the Last Key

Insidious the Last Key

Amaya Stevenson, Online Managing Editor

The long awaited conclusion to the Insidious franchise hit theaters on Jan. 5. Insidious: The Last Key was directed by Adam Robitel and starred the series’ essential ghost buster Lin Shaye as Elise Rainer.

The movie’s plot is centered on Elise going back to the house that she grew up in, facing her demons and ridding her house of the spirits that were tormenting the current resident. With the help of her cohorts Specs (Leigh Whannell) and Tucker (Angus Sampson), Elise is successful in making contact with the evil spirits.

In the end, Elise finds out she has two nieces and one of them, Imogen (Caitlin Gerard) has the “sight” (the ability to see spirits) and helps her as they go into the Further (realm where the spirits reside) and defeat the Key Face demon (Javier Botet).

Overall this movie was lack-luster and there really wasn’t any character development. All we learn about is Elise’s tragic childhood, which helps set up the plot, but that’s it. She didn’t really change throughout the duration of the movie.

Her assistants Specs and Tucker also don’t really serve much purpose other than comedic relief, which was not even necessary. The jokes they told and dumb actions weren’t really funny and seemed misplaced throughout the dialogue.

The plot was also lacking in substance. It was quite predictable and there was not a single moment in the movie that was actually surprising. Elise went into the Further and defeated the Key Demon and anyone could have guessed that.

The only decent thing about the plot was audiences were able to see how all four movies are connected. (Spoiler: she left the door open, allowing spirits to come into the real world.) Though the movie was filled with enough jump scares to spill all of your popcorn, they didn’t make up for the lack-luster plot.

All-in-all Insidious: The Last Key was all right. If one is a die-hard fan of the Insidious series then they will enjoy it, but if one is looking for a horror film that is worth watching, this isn’t it.


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