New wing to Santa Fe completed


Matteo Sarais

Shadows cover the floor of the new wing of Edmond Santa Fe High School. This new addition is located on the west side of the current building.

Anastasia Mercer, Santa Fe Staff Writer

Starting the second semester of the 2016 and 2017 school year, a project took place behind C and D hall at Santa Fe. The school added a new wing for the AP (advanced placement) social studies classes. On Dec. 28, the teachers were able to move their belongings from their old classrooms into their new ones.

Santa Fe principal, Jason Hayes, helped establish the need for safety in the classrooms in case of emergencies. The classrooms in the wing all have storm shelters because the number of students in the school is increasing dramatically; there is potential for 6 more rooms being added in the future.

“The district had a goal of adding safe rooms in our school district; so what they did was create a space where we can have about 1000 people be safe in case of a tornado and the storm shelter is the entire wing,” Hayes said.

Another explanation to the new wing’s existence is due to difficulty for the teachers to communicate. The past AP history rooms were not only spread out but they were taking place in science rooms.

Torie York, the AP government teacher, and the other history teachers believe the new wing brings togetherness in the history department and makes it easier to communicate.

“It makes it easier for collaboration and it’s similar to how students are able to have classes with their friends,” York said.

Santa Fe’s AP world history teacher, Meg Shadid, has seen academic expectations improve as well as motivation for the students’ success. She noticed that students respect the property because it’s new and stricter rules have been taking place.

“The classrooms have set a nice academic standard and we have seen the work ethic of the students increase since we have been in the west wing because we have brand new equipment and a really nice environment,” Shadid said.

The new wing fulfilled its purpose of safety and room locations. Now the AP students can be familiar with the environment and feel secure.

Matteo Sarais
The newest addition to Edmond Santa Fe High School hosts 6 new classrooms to be used by the Social Sciences department.













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