Students selecting seats shows success

The choice of free seating or planned

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The choice of free seating or planned

Chloe Golightly, North Staff Writer

At the beginning of the year, every teacher makes a choice: to make a seating chart or trust their kids to sit wherever and make their own seating chart. This simple choice by teachers can affect many kids throughout the year and influence learning abilities.

Many teachers choose seating charts because it could help troublesome students’ behavior in class. It could also help to relieve social stress of students in wondering where they should sit.

At the same time, letting students sit by their friends could reduce talking and shouting across the room, since they would be sitting by the person they would want to talk to. It could also help students to be able to ask questions to their friends to better understand the lesson being taught.

In an anonymous poll of 31 voters, 94 percent of students preferred to pick their own seats, and 6 percent preferred to be assigned to a seat.

By letting the students pick their seats instead of assigning a seating chart, more work is done, students focus more in class and understanding material is easier for students. By informing teachers of these results, they could implement a student picked seating chart to help their students perform their best in class.

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