Wishing it wasn’t “Every Day”

The movie over this book is set to come out on Feb. 23.

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The movie over this book is set to come out on Feb. 23.

Rachel Bussert, Memorial Staff Writer

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After hearing about the book “Every Day” by David Levithan with a non-binary main character named “A” that switched bodies daily, I became infatuated with the idea. It is an experience that, while unheard of, does not seem absolutely impossible within the context of the book.

In anticipation for the movie also called “Every Day,” this book became a must read for me. These high expectations may be the reason that this book was a little disappointing. I was so excited to see a love story that broke barriers that I had never seen presented before, not a story about how a girl could not see past A’s looks while they change bodies every day to see their sweet soul and kind heart.

This book, while well written, is not how the reader wants it to be. While A does find self-acceptance, personally I felt that they needed to be accepted by at least one person in their life other than a romantic partner. Everyone needs someone to be able to go through life. It is impossible to understand why A can be okay with everyone doubting them.

The book could have been better if the reader was given more information on how A’s life had been before they met and fell in love with Rhiannon, the girlfriend of one of the teenage boys A inhabited.

Later in the book Levithan does describe A’s childhood experiences and how it affected their upbringing but it does not give the reader a full understanding of A’s motivations making their decision at the end of the book seem rather out of character.

Though I am a firm believer in reading the book before watching the movie, I would not blame anyone for passing on this book. The ending seems like the author became bored with the story and decided to make a quick ending out of it.

I would not recommend the book but I will still be looking forward to seeing the movie.

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