“Anything Goes” coming soon to a theater near you


Maddie Bunn

The Santa Fe High School poster for Anything Goes. The posters are placed all around the school to help promote the show.

Corrie Warmoth, Santa Fe Staff Writer

Santa Fe awaits for the arrival of the Broadway musical production titled Anything Goes with their very own students as the cast. Anything Goes is a musical, which made its debut in 1934, based off the book by Guy Bolton and P.G. Wodehouse with lyrics by Cole Porter.

“We choose our musicals based on the kind of talent we have that year,” drama teacher Robin Robinson said. “We have a lot of tap dancers this year and we also have the orchestra to preform with us.”

The musical revolves around a of group people aboard the boat S.S. American. Reno Sweeney, played by senior Isabella Emamghoraishi, plays an evangelist nightclub singer going to New York from England. Another member on the ship, Billy Crocker, played by junior Jaden Kindle, is a stowaway on the ship who is in love with Hope Harcourt, played by Brooklyn Jones, but Hope Harcourt is engaged to Lord Evelyn Oakleigh played by senior James Whitlow.

“It’s a really funny show, “Emamghoraishi said. “There are public enemies, stowaways and gangsters which overall makes it a great musical.”

The auditions were over a three-day period from Jan. 8-10. Each day after school the students had a different aspect of the musical to audition for. On Jan. 8 the participants were to audition with a cold read. In a cold read, the participants are given a scene from the musical and must perform it on the spot while doing the best they can. The next day the students auditioned, accompanied by pianist Jeanine Gully, with a song from the musical which they received a week in advance before the audition. The last day of auditions they were taught a dance break from the show by choreographer Beth Nix. They were then separated into groups where they performed the dance twice in front of the directors.

“We initially look for people that can sing the song and dance,” Robinson said. “ Dr. Shermie Potts and I evaluate if we can teach or help improve their skills.”

The musical is set to be preformed in March on the 15, 16 and 17 at 7 pm in the Santa Fe auditorium.


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