How Ryleigh Horst “does it all”

Lauren Couch, Santa Fe Editor-in-Chief

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Among the hundreds of students at Santa Fe, there are those select few that seem to stand out academically, musically or socially. Senior Ryleigh Horst not only excels in academics, but also finds the time to advance in music, volunteer and study Spanish.

Horst was awarded a Merit Scholar finalist this year through surpassing the cut off score of the PSAT and actively pursues excellence in her course work. From her 4.0 GPA to her schedule filled with AP classes, she has her ways to keep her life intact.

“I try to keep an agenda to stay on top of all my work,” Horst said. “Sometimes an agenda doesn’t always work and I have to use any spare time I have to work as hard as I can.”            

 Although she focuses a vast majority of her energy towards schoolwork, Horst squeezes in time to perfect percussion as well as participate in advanced woman choir. Horst started band and choir in middle school and has continued to strive in both to be a notable musician.

“I love music and I enjoy the time I spend with all the friends I’ve made through band,” Horst said. “It has helped me as a musician but has also given me a lot of life skills.”

Learning Spanish has also been a large part of Horst’s high school career. She has spent all four years learning the language and has excelled past the AP level offered at Santa Fe.

“She has once again been an active and influential member for Spanish Honor Society, this year as vice president,” Spanish teacher Kristen Sackett said. “Ryleigh is currently studying at the university level and having monumental success there, as she did at Santa Fe.”

With all of her accomplishments in tow, Horst plans to attend the University of Oklahoma but is still unsure of what her major will be. Although the balance between school and hobbies can sometimes be hard to balance, Horst has it down to a science.

“She is one of the busiest girls I know and is always sleep deprived from it,” senior Jazlyn Huynh said. “I am very proud of all Ryleigh has accomplished over the years I have known her.”


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