Shelby Dye: A queen of all trades


Drum major Shelby Dye sits on one of the props from the 2017 marching show "Queen for a Day."

Sydney Varner, Santa Fe Managing Print Editor

A drum major for the 2017 marching band season, flute player in the top band, varsity tennis player, avid church volunteer and AP student, junior Shelby Dye works around a busy schedule but a passion for music and a kind heart is the driving force behind her success.

Dye is looking to become the head drum major for the Santa Fe marching band for the 2018 marching season. Being a head drum major is no easy task, as they are the leader of the band, second only to the band directors. Early mornings and late nights spent in the band room and on the field would burn out most people in band, but Dye is continually enthusiastic and seeks to encourage other people.

“As a drum major, I try to encourage people to stay strong because marching season is hard,” Dye said. “With everything going on from school and being there at 7 am being there every morning for rehearsal, I try to make everyone’s lives easier.”

Alongside the busy schedule of a drum major and flute player, Dye is heavily involved in school activities and academics. Dye is member of the Santa Fe varsity girls tennis team, as well as involved in multiple AP classes and NHS. Tennis practice everyday, homework and multiple hours of volunteering take up time but Dye still manages to make time for her music. She is a second year All-State flute player and a 5 year CODA honor band member.

“She’s not even past her junior year of high school and she’s done a lot things that people can and should be jealous of,” junior twin brother Matthew Dye said. “She’s going to be incredibly successful.”

Dye fits the roll of drum major with the passion of a professional and a heart of a friend that she extends to every member of the Santa Fe band.

Even with a busy schedule in tow, Dye has found a balance between music, school and her leadership.

“Working with Shelby has always been enjoyable and incredibly efficient,” senior 2017 season head drum major Raquel Coleman said. “Her work ethic and ability to balance fun with work is inspiring.”


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