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All-St8 was pretty gr8

Samantha Thompson, Copy-editor

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Memorial High School has been previously recognized for its abundant musical talent and this year was no different as students from band, orchestra and choir represented the school at the yearly All-State performance on Jan. 18-20 at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center.

With multiple auditions and rigorous music passages to learn, the All-State choir members have to be completely dedicated and focused on their goal. The musicians even received music to begin learning over the summer and then spent their free time throughout the school year perfecting their solo audition pieces.

After the students performed their solos, they were given short pieces of music that had to be performed later that day. Those who successfully completed this round of auditioning moved on to a second round which took place on the first day of All-State.

Many students audition to join in the All-State festival, but only a selective number are actually allowed to perform.

“For choir, there are over 5000 students who audition and only 200 make it into the Mixed Chorus,” senior Nathan Milligan said. “This year 26 students from Memorial made the Mixed Chorus- easily the highest number of any choir around the state and a new school record.”

The band had three rounds of auditions to narrow down the students accepted into the honor band. They were asked to sight read music excerpts and scales. With two full days of rehearsing and a performance on the third day, these musicians had to be completely dedicated to their instrument and practicing.

“Performing and playing music are my passions because there is nothing more enjoyable to me than my horn,” senior French horn player Alec Hopkins said. “Even if I may be exhausted, I still do my best to give my all so I can ensure that I am playing to the best of my abilities.”

The motivations for these young musicians to continue their work is the community that they are involved in and the endeavors they are able to take on.

“It is a chance for relatively young musicians to be able to perform popular repertoire with the help of esteemed world class faculty,” senior violinist Alex Chao said. “We create something together through the language of music and are able to perform this to others.”

Chao was a three-time member of All-State and because of this, received a prestigious medal from the All-State program. The success of students such as Chao can be traced back to the directors of the fine arts programs at Memorial.

“The level of training and structure at Memorial helps to facilitate our success at All State,” orchestra director David Koehn said. “I put a level of expectation on my students, and they will then challenge themselves because of this.”

With such a wonderful turnout at All-State this year, the fine arts programs at Memorial are going to continue upholding a high standard as the young musicians respond by dedicating their time and effort to their musical endeavors.

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All-St8 was pretty gr8