Oklahoma Walking Into Winter


Photo By Sidney Norman

Sunset on oklahoma hill.

Kat Rogers and Ryan Reece

This time of year, students are eagerly awaiting days off from school and work due to snow and icy roads, however, Oklahoma’s weather pattern hasn’t shown any signs of snowfall this school year. These weather patterns are different from most states in the U.S., they are constantly fluctuating, sometimes in just 24 hours. Oklahoman’s are familiar with freezing temperatures in the morning and blistering heat in the afternoon.

A native of Tulsa, Jed Castles earned his bachelor’s degree in meteorology from the University of Oklahoma, and is recognized by the American Meteorological Society and has earned their seal of approval. He now works for KW TV, channel and News 9.

“A few other states see this kind of weather, especially the southern plains from Texas to Kansas,” Castles said. “The Canadian air drains down the Rocky mountains and into the plains. This air is really dense, like maple syrup, and doesn’t exit fast and lingers. It takes a bit longer for the temperature to warm back up.”

Senior student Hunter Richard had this to say about the continuance of school through the cold conditions on january 15th ( maybe add temp for info) “I was suffering walking from my car to the school doors, I can’t imagine how kids who had to walk felt”.

January finally brought about colder weather. On the other hand, the past week’s temperature had been in the teens whereas the weekend bought the temperature into the mid-forties. It hasn’t snowed in Oklahoma since January 2017. The high for the next week will be in the low 60’s with the lowest temperature being around 8 or 10 degrees.

“It’s been a very dry season and Oklahoma hasn’t seen much precipitation. We are in a drought due to the jet stream. It’s been cold but we will not be getting any snow,” said Castles.

Oklahoma has had remarkable various weather changes throughout the seasons. This still continues to leave Oklahomans and meteorologist in awe due to its unpredictability. As they commonly say ”If you don’t like the weather in Oklahoma just wait five minutes and it will drastically change.”

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