New snow cone stand alert: Chef’s Sno Shak

Chef's has tons of amazing snow cone flavors to choose from!

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Chef's has tons of amazing snow cone flavors to choose from!

Cason White, North Staff Writer

It has been nearly four months since a new gas station opened up on Covell and Broadway, and along with the gas station came a very sweet treat in the form of a snowcone stand by the name of “Chef’s Sno Shak.”

The Shak is in a prime location for students who go to North, located only a little more than a mile from the school. I decided to try out the snowcones from this new stand for myself and I was more than pleased.

Before I even got to to taste one of the snowcones I noticed the workers were very friendly and always made conversation with me.

The first flavor I tried was a popular menu choice, polar punch. It was by far the best tasting snowcone that I have ever had. Polar punch has a sweet and cool taste, I tried more flavors and kept on coming back because each time I went I was more than satisfied.

I decided to see what other students around the school thought about the snowcones so, I spoke with a couple of them. Sophomore Price Smith is another satisfied customer.

“On a scale from 1 to 10, I would break the scale and rate the snowcones from Chef’s an 11; they’re by far the best that I’ve ever tasted,” Smith said.

It was interesting to see that I wasn’t alone in my praise and that more people think that this new snowcone stand is worth the money spent.

“Chef’s is definitely the best snowcone stand in Edmond, better than Shimmers for sure,” sophomore Kyle Morris said.

I spoke with the owner of The Shak, Susan Cook, in an attempt to gain more knowledge on the stand and she was very friendly as usual.

“I decided to start the stand because I wanted to give back to the community and let people from Oklahoma taste what snowcones should be like,” Cook said.

As a way to try and get more high school students from North to visit the Shak, Cook added a new flavor to the already extensive list of options called, “The Husky,” it is a mix of silver fox and polar punch making a blue and silver combination. I was the first person to try it and it toppled every other flavor.

“My personal favorite would have to be wedding cake with cream, so if you’ve never tried one of my snowcones before, then that is the way to go,” Cook said.

If someone were to ask me where they should go to get a snowcone, I would recommend Chef’s Sno Shak before any other popular names around the city. Chef’s is by far the best snowcone stand with the best prices and nicest people on top of their incredible tasting flavors. If you have a chance to stop by and try out “The Husky,” jump on the opportunity.

For further information you can contact Cook at ​[email protected]​ or click here.

If you would like to check out the Shak’s Facebook page, click here.