Walkouts for gun reform sweep the nation


Photo by Faythe Miller

Mykaela Salcido leads the walkout at North.

Zara Khan, North Editor-in-Chief


Following the tragic events of the Florida school shooting which occurred almost a month ago making it the 17th shooting in the United States in 2018, survivors David Hogg and Emma González emerged as the voices of the #Never Again Movement  challenging  Congress to impose drastic gun reform across the country.

March 14 ignited a national movement of high school walkouts starting at 10am for 17 minutes to mourn the loss of the 17 lives lost and to call for  gun reform. The walkout at North took place in front of the school and was led by Senior Mykaela Salcido.

“I felt empowered delivering my speech, but I feel a lot of anger,” Salcido said. “I think feeling angry is what pushes me to advocate for change.”

Edmond Public Schools (EPS) sent an email to both students and parents stating that they respect students’ rights to speech and assemblage as well as plans for maintaining a safe learning environment.

Although these walkouts have generated widespread support. Those who agree with looser restrictions on guns rely on the second amendment; the right to bear arms. Junior Chad Synan gave insight into a different side of the issue.

“It’s not that I inherently disagree with their [students] right to walkout, I just think they are counterproductive and that they are  not actually going to produce anything fruitful with the way they are going about it,” Synan said.

In addition to the March 14 walkout, there will be a March for our Lives movement taking place on March 24 as well as another national walkout on April 20 marking the anniversary of the Columbine shooting, one of the deadliest mass shootings in the United States. Those who walked out and those who did not alike represent a generation of politically aware students who are determined to take an active role in determining their future.

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