Construction carries concerns


Chloe Golightly, North Staff Writer

Following the end of spring break, Edmond North made the decision to close half of the senior parking lot for construction of the new football stadium, causing seniors to park in the underclassmen parking lot or in parking lots close to North. Construction will begin Monday, March 26th, immediately after break.

The entrance/exit to the senior parking lot off of Thomas Street will be closed in order to start building the entrance to the new football stadium that is almost complete. Seniors who generally park in the construction area will have to find another spot in the senior parking lot, park in the underclassmen parking lot or park in the parking spots generously provided by Hobby Lobby and Revive church across the street from North. This provides multiple inconveniences to seniors who generally park in the same spot, since they will have to find parking elsewhere.

Hobby Lobby graciously opened part of their parking lot for students after North announced that there are no more parking stickers available to be sold.

Revive church has also generously offered their parking lot for students without a North parking sticker; however, many students have abused this parking and parked in inconvenient spots, such as on a curb or in front of the dumpster. The church has recently been talking about revoking privileges of students because of these disturbances.

Revive and Hobby Lobby are both almost half a mile away from North, causing students to have to get to school early and walk the half mile to get to school on time.

North recently built a parking lot for teachers only, leaving the entire West lot for senior parking. However, seniors will have to find parking elsewhere for a certain period of time that is unknown, providing inconveniences to parents dropping off kids and students trying to find parking.

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