R-Word Campaign returns to North

Say No to the

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Say No to the "R-word"

Samantha Mayer, North Staff Writer

Once again “The Spread the Word to End the Word” R-Word Campaign returns for another event at ENHS.

Since 2016, Special Olympics volunteers have gathered to present the R-Word campaign to teach the student body and administration about the harm surrounding the word “retard.”

“The Spread the Word to End the Word” event takes place annually in March, in hopes of gathering student to participate in the banner signing event to pledge not to use the r-word. This event is highly successful every year and this year was the most successful yet.

Instead of simple volunteers this was the first official “Spread the Word to End the Word” event under the supervision of the Special Olympics Unified Club, led by President Waverly Mayer who is a senior at North.

The Special Olympics Unified Club launched the R-Word campaign March 7, by sending out a video PSA from the club’s website to be played during tutorial. This was accomplished with the help of North’s assistant principal Dawna Buck, who collaborated with the club to send out the PSA.

This year’s event, however, was a little different. This year not only was there a pledge banner but also a Tree of Unity where students could buy leaves made by the Special Olympians, write a word relating to respect or inclusion and tape it to the tree for it to expand and grow.

This event is one of the SO Unified Club’s most important events, however the club may proceed, this event is sure to continue on every year in order to discourage the harmful use of the r-word and to promote unity between all students regardless of disability.


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