Seniors and their cars

Ryan Reece, North Staff Photographer




Ryan Reece
Graysen’s Car

Senior Graysen Boyer drives Salt T. Boyer a 2009, chevy Impala. “The fact that my car is a literal billboard just adds to the meme that is my life, Call Ken,” Boyer said.


Ryan Reece
Braden’s Car

Senior Braden Steele drives a 2005 mustang named Bonnie. “If you’re not first you’re last,” Steele said.


Ryan Reece
Emilee’s Car

Senior Emilee Rowles drives Cardi a 2000 Jeep Wrangler Sport. “I like my cars like i like my men – tall, dark, and older than the rest,” Rowles said.

Ryan Reece
Leah Rider’s Car

Senior Leah Rider drives Lady Jane a 2016 Honda CR-V. “The whole show choir helped me name my car today,” Rider said.