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Tips to ace any AP exam

The key to any AP exam is having the drive to succeed and reach your goals.

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The key to any AP exam is having the drive to succeed and reach your goals.

Kulsoom Ghias, Memorial Staff Writer

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Many high school students, including myself, often experience a lot of pressure to take and pass a lot of AP classes while maintaining a job, participating in extracurricular activities, and excelling in sports all at the same time in order to be accepted into a prestigious college. Whether you are taking one AP class or multiple AP classes, here are a few tips on passing and maybe even excelling in your AP class.

Towards the beginning of the year, try to identify which AP classes will be the most time consuming, the hardest and the easiest based on your own personal strengths and weaknesses. Then, make a goal for yourself on what score on the AP scale you are aiming to achieve for each class.

Now that you have a goal, all you need to do is work towards it. AP classes can be overwhelming at times, but if you truly have the drive to succeed and let your hard work be your biggest strength, you can excel on any AP exam.

It’s always beneficial to create a study routine before tests and quizzes for your class. That could mean making flash cards or rewriting and simplifying notes to make sure that you know everything perfectly. Your test grades allow you to see your strengths and weaknesses on topics studied and covered on the AP test.

A great way to study would be to purchase a test prep book. They contain many practice questions and go over content that is vital to passing the AP exam.

Next, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the test. Print out practice multiple choice questions and free response questions that are available to students on the college board website. For example, you could go through five multiple choice questions and one free response question each day a few months prior to the test date

It is key to stay consistent with the study patterns you use in order to prevent procrastination. The worst situation would be to squeeze months of preparation into one week.

The most important thing is to stay calm, eat a nutritious breakfast on the day of the test and trust yourself and your abilities to ace the AP exam.


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Tips to ace any AP exam