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Time’s Up: the next stage

The women standing on the steps of the Cannes Film Festival hold hands and raise them in protest.

The women standing on the steps of the Cannes Film Festival hold hands and raise them in protest.

Photo Provided

Photo Provided

The women standing on the steps of the Cannes Film Festival hold hands and raise them in protest.

Emma McCabe, Memorial Staff Writer

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The world has changed. Society has shined a light on the monsters under the bed; and they have condemned them.

Monsters like Harvey Weinstein and Larry Nassar have been taking advantage of their positions in society for far too long by abusing young girls and women in the worst imaginable ways. These predators don’t only make victims of women but also some boys and young men as well. It is people like Kevin Spacey that become nightmares and stories of warning to children everywhere.

No longer must we fear this. Victims of sexual harassment and abuse can come back stronger than ever. And though it helps when these injustices are confronted publicly, we must start making more movements that change the way society perceives the roles and attributes of women worldwide.

An organization known as Time’s Up Now have begun several steps towards this goal. The movement’s support and intensity grew after the reckoning of movie mogul, Harvey Weinstein, for allegations of rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment this has brought about a new era of justice and movement toward equality.

Time’s Up organizers have begun relentlessly working to progress the fight for a different view of what women are capable of. One of their latest symbolic acts was at the 71st Cannes Film Festival in France. On the steps of the festival 82 women gathered to symbolize the number of women and their works that the festival has featured in its history as compared to the 1,688 male directors the organization has chosen to present their art.

Their overall representation of women as strong individuals that are capable of producing work on the same level and standard as men has already begun to take effect. The Tribeca Film Festival made sure that nearly 50% of the 96 films competing at the festival were directed by females. They expressed their mindset behind achieving this goal with two words: “Time’s Up.”

Another industry has also begun working towards similar goals for working women. New Zealand has recently become the first country to achieve equal pay for female soccer players. Considering the women’s team is ranked 20th in the world while their male counterparts are ranked 133rd, it is well past time for equal treatment.

And it is slowly no longer becoming odd to see women in technology and engineering jobs. The same goes for political positions; as of 2018 more women are running for local and state offices than ever before.

This new time of mutual progress towards equal opportunity for men and women has affected several areas of our daily lives. Our interactions with each other must come from a fair and just perspective that appreciates each person based on their abilities and not on their gender.  Be a part of these advancements in creating a new and more accepting community.

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Time’s Up: the next stage