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The problem with Pilot

AP Pilot sent out a survey. This is a response to one of their questions.

AP Pilot sent out a survey. This is a response to one of their questions.

Photo Provided

Photo Provided

AP Pilot sent out a survey. This is a response to one of their questions.

Rachel Bussert, Memorial Staff Writer

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In this past school year, Memorial has had the so-called “privilege” of participating in the new AP Pilot Program through College Board. This program was “supposedly going to” supply Memorial with more resources, including worksheets and quizzes, yet the only visible influence this system had was forcing students to sign up for exams earlier. Not only did this take away the ability to receive refunds when students chose not to take the test, but it actually charged them additional fees.

The issue with having students sign up for exams in the fall is that many seniors still haven’t decided where they want to go to college, so they end up signing up for exams and later realize that their college of choice doesn’t take AP credit for the test they’re taking.

Because of this, those seniors attempted to cancel their registration through the office and were told it would be a $15 fee.

While College Board’s website does acknowledge this fee, the website also mentions that students should receive a refund, which Memorial has made no mention of to students who have canceled their registration, but it could be because they were unaware.

Also students signing up in the fall rarely know whether or not they will be able to grasp the information, especially when the student takes multiple classes because the student will place more priority on other classes leading to poor scores on certain exams.

If the student signs up in the fall, they have a better idea of which exams they will be able to pass giving them a higher success rate. However, when students do not register, they often regret it later but the few students who regret their decisions are not worth the frustration of the majority.

Even though this program provides materials that could help prepare students for the exams, those resources are often flawed and are rarely used and unused resources are not worth students being forced to sign up early.

Therefore, Memorial should opt out of AP Pilot next year and College Board should never make this the standard.

Contact Rachel Bussert at [email protected]

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The problem with Pilot