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Life Skills 101: more helpful than a regular school day?

Elaina Kennedy, Memorial Staff Writer

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Assistant principal Sally Stewart and FACS teacher Cindy Conant have been developing an idea for the last day of school: Student Professional Development Day. The plan is to follow normal school schedules and allow teachers to help students learn skills that will be helpful later in life outside of the classroom.

“We want the teachers to have fun with their students, showing them skills like making pancakes and balancing check books,” Stewart said. “ There is a wide variety of sessions that students will be able to participate in.”

The classes that students regularly attend don’t offer the life skills that students need to survive outside of the classroom.

“I polled my students and highly requested sessions are Fashion Tips from Mrs. Custred and Finance Tips from Mr. Lovett,” Conant said.

Amy Willhoite, Pre-AP Biology and an AP Biology teacher, is leading a yoga class for her students.

“I think an introduction for students that have never been to a yoga class is a great idea because it helps you relax and be calm, which I think students need in their lives,” Willhoite said. “Calming yourself and having quiet time is rare. If I can give students a strategy to do that as their lives become more complex it will be well worth it!”

This day offers a fun replacement to taking finals on the last day of school, because the administration have moved finals forward to May 23 and 24.

By having Student Professional Development day, students will learn about real life skills unlike the required classes that they have every other day.

“I definitely think that it could be more helpful than a regular school day, it’s nice to have a day like

this, so that when we graduate, we’re not thrown into adult life without knowing anything,” junior Ella Brinkman said.

In the future, Student PD day will be improved. Students will be able to have a block schedule for the day and go to four sessions of their choosing.

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Life Skills 101: more helpful than a regular school day?