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‘This Is Why’ Emma Dennin is not your ordinary teen

Emma Dennin, Memorial's very own published author at the young age of 14.

Emma Dennin, Memorial's very own published author at the young age of 14.

Emma Dennin, Memorial's very own published author at the young age of 14.

Eli Kennedy, Memorial Staff Writer

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Memorial‘s own Emma Dennin can add published author to her list of accomplishments; she has joined the elite community of teen authors. Dennin, a junior, has written and published a novel called “This Is Why” through the self-publishing service, CreateSpace. The book was officially published in Aug. of 2017 during the beginning of the author’s sophomore year.

The idea of writing an entire book came about when she was 14 years old with a personal goal that Dennin set for herself after deciding to write a novel was to have it finished by the time her freshman year ended. After countless hours behind a computer, she finished writing it within four months.

While writing her current book, Dennin started off with a notebook full of ideas, then she added a plot line and characters. After her edits come back on her first draft, she focused on sentence order, missing letters and basic edits. The third round of edits that come back are made by parents and other trusted friends who read and comment on the plot line. After another round of edits, Dennin orders a physical copy of the book so final edits can be made. Once that is finished, she submits the manuscript to Createspace.

This Is Why” was inspired by a group of weird and adventurous kids I met in middle school, when I first moved to Oklahoma,” Dennin said. “Back then, I used to create fictional characters based on those kids and write short stories for all of us to laugh at and enjoy.”

Dennin’s mother has been supportive of her since she began writing at age 10. By giving her daughter time and space to write, more ideas and stories were produced.

When she went into seventh grade, she was continuously writing stories of the same four characters,” Ellie Piper said. “I don’t remember how many short stories she had, but at one point I did ask her – why not just write a book instead?”

Dennin also counts her friends among her supporters, such as junior Alexia Rickman.

I wasn’t surprised when she started writing a book; ever since I met her, she always had her nose in a book,” Rickman said.

Recently, Dennin has been working with an editor, so that more of her time can be dedicated to writing. “This Is Why” is available on Amazon for $10. The company that published and prints her books, Createspace, keeps the majority of what is made; she only receives 20 percent profits.

Dennin is currently writing her next book, “This Is How”, scheduled to come out in 2019. The decision to write a sequel was based on the idea that high school is a critical growing time for students, so she wants to give her characters a chance to grow and develop much like actual students.

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‘This Is Why’ Emma Dennin is not your ordinary teen