New teacher at Edmond Santa Fe


Koby Goree

Teacher Mandy Profitt is looking forward to her new career.

Koby Goree, Santa Fe Staff Writer

Every year, Edmond Santa Fe has the joy of employing a few new faces into their teaching staff and this year, one of those teachers is Mandy Profitt.

Profitt co-teaches geometry alongside geometry teacher and assistant volleyball coach Larry Truesdell.  She moved to Oklahoma last July after attending Eastern Kentucky University.

Profitt originally went to college to study psychology but ended up not liking her classes. She changed her major and decided to be a teacher in the last half of her first year in college.

“Teaching was not my first choice,” Profitt said, “I originally wanted to be a psychologist but I got a work-study job in college as an aid for the art teacher at a local elementary school and I loved it.”

Profitt has established a love for teaching geometry and high school math in general.

“I like teaching Geometry,” Profitt said, “I like that most of the concepts are things you can actually see.”

Most students will say that they think that their teachers are always grading papers or coming up with terrifying tests or projects to stress their students out but teachers are not always teachers outside of school. Profitt has a few hobbies of her own outside of teaching.

“I like to hang out with my dog, bake and, when I have the time, I like to sew things,” Profitt said.

Many teachers at the school have noticed and appreciated Profitt’s hard work inside and outside of the classroom, especially teachers working alongside her in the math department.

“From interacting with her she seems like a very nice person. I’ve never had trouble talking to her at all because she is very approachable and easy going,” Geometry teacher Kyle Bartlett said. “When we are in long meetings she always works hard and has everything done. She really seems to fit in as a Santa Fe wolf!”

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