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Memorial vs. North Football Game

Leah Franklin and Angelo Lopez, Memorial Photographers

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Angelo Lopez
Edmond Memorial band plays the fight song to cheer on the team.

Leah Franklin
Memorial player takes down another player from the opposing team.

Leah Franklin
Students go wild as the Bulldogs come racing onto the field.

Angelo Lopez
Bulldogs fight to keep North High School from scoring.

Bulldogs begin to line up to take North down.

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Angelo Lopez, Memorial Photographer

My name is Gelofreer Lopez but I go by Angelo (because it’s easier to say and way cooler than my real name). This is my first year in staff and I am...

Leah Franklin, Memorial Photographer

Hi, my name is Leah Franklin. I am a junior in high school and have been on staff for a year and a half. Throughout my time on newspaper I have learned...

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Memorial vs. North Football Game