Meet the new teachers: Jaqueline Hirlinger

Anna Baustert, Memorial Contributing Writer

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Jacqueline Hirlinger is a first year sophomore English teacher at Edmond Memorial High School; she student taught here a few years ago and fell in love with the school.

“I had a high school English teacher my junior year.” Hirlinger said. “He was always very energetic, putting lots of emphasis into his books and lectures, which isn’t always great but, he was so enthusiastic.”

She emphasizes that he’d always be moving around and verbalizing. She says that it always looked very interesting and fun.

Hirlinger attended college at Oklahoma City University and graduated with an English education degree. She originally went into college as an acting major, but halfway through decided to switch. While she was still in college, Hirlinger student taught various grades.

“I student taught juniors and seniors in high school as well as students in seventh grade.” Hirlinger said.

Having seen the intense maturity and age difference was an eye opening experience for her.

“I was planning on pretty much applying here once I graduated and fortunately there was an open spot,” Hirlinger said.

Hirlinger observed over in the freshman academy a few years ago and enjoyed the environment of the school. During the teacher walkout at Oklahoma’s capital, Hirlinger grew to admire the energy and support these teachers had.

“Seeing the passion and love they have for their students and was really inspiring to see that and that made me want to be apart of that,” Hirlinger said.

She loved the genuine support teachers have for their students and the amazing relationships some have. When Hirlinger was here as a student teacher she was able to experience Swine Week first hand and she said it was amazing.

“I was there for parts of Swine Week when I observed and I thought this is wild,” Hirlinger said.

Hirlinger was amazed at how many kids were so excited to help such a good cause and that she appreciates the technology and Chromebooks the students have available.

“I like that everyone has a Chromebook, it’s very beneficial.” Hirlinger said.

Hirlinger also says that she couldn’t see herself doing anything else other than teaching. She loves to be around people and teaching fits that for her, so she would not want to do much else.

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